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MIKE SHUM | Filmmaker

Mike Shum (b. Denver, CO, 1985) is an independent filmmaker who specializes in documentary cinematography and journalism.  He started his career in video news reporting, filming and producing for The New York Times, France 24, CNN, Time Magazine and National Geographic.


In 2017, he made his first feature length documentary, Hondros, as producer and director of photography which was distributed by Netflix. He then transitioned into television collaborating with Al Jazeera’s Witness Series and PBS Frontline. 


Shum made his feature length directorial debut with Police on Trial, a PBS Frontline documentary that follows the city of Minneapolis in the 2 years after George Floyd’s murder.

As an Asian-American born to immigrant parents from Hong Kong, he looks to incorporate empathy and curiosity with the goal of challenging normative perspectives in the media landscape today.


Creating a personal and
shared vision in film



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